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Holistic Medical Center of Hawaii Patient Responses


Explore how our unique drug-free therapies can help turn your health around.


Selected short testimonials from patients who have experienced successful outcomes at the Holistic Medical Center, Hawaii.

“I have had a great experience with this doctor and after spending years in and out of hospitals, I am finally feeling better. His approach really WORKS. I highly recommend him.”
 - Authorized Patient

“I am extremely impressed with Doctor Tapryal and my health and overall well being has improved greatly with his treatments. The staff is also polite and helpful and my experience with his office is always pleasent. I would highly reccomend this doctor to anyone, especially those looking for a more natural approach to medicine.”
 - Authorized Patient

Healing Genius “I was in rough shape healthwise, circling the drain, going from specialist to specialist. No one came up with a diagnosis, all they could do was suggest treating my symptoms. Dr. Tapryal immediately diagnosed the root conditions, and started an aggressive, systematic treatment regimen. In 10 weeks, I was 80% recovered.”
 - Authorized Patient




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Holistic Medical Center of Hawaii
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