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Dr. Tapryal has a strikingly simple yet logical approach to medicine that has proven to be the key to his success. He believes that in order to achieve optimal health, you must get back to the basics, or to the very “building blocks” of the body.

The cell is the basic unit of life. For our cells to function properly, certain raw materials are required, most importantly, vitamins and minerals. Usually we get these nutrients from the food we eat, however, sometimes even a great diet does not translate into proper nutrition at the cellular level. There are many causes for this, some of which may include poor absorption due to aging, inflammation, genetics or even simply the fact that our food supply does not contain the nutrients it once did. The cells then, lacking the raw materials are unable to function optimally as they should. Non-optimal levels of these essential nutrients, over time, lead to health issues which then manifest as disease.

Correcting these imbalances by giving the body the right nutrients in the right amounts is the main focus of our treatment.

Using the logic behind this approach, Dr. T has successfully helped numerous patients overcome a wide variety of conditions. Once the deficiencies are addressed and the imbalances corrected, patients see very good results and start to feel better right away. Because these treatments target the root cause of the disease, excellent results are seen where conventional drugs and treatments have been unsuccessful.

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